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  • Farin Urlaub - Wikipedia
    Jan Vetter, better known as Farin Urlaub (from the German "Fahr in Urlaub!" ("Go on holiday!"), after his love for travelling), is a German musician and songwriter
  • Georg Anton Urlaub - Wikipedia
    Georg Anton Urlaub (20 June 1713 – 20 February 1759) was a Baroque painter from Franconia He was associated for part of his career with the court of the prince
  • Endlich Urlaub! - Wikipedia
    Endlich Urlaub! is the first solo album from the German musician Farin Urlaub (guitarist of Die Ärzte), released in 2001 It features the typical humour and overall
  • Urlaub - Wiktionary
    Urlaub, Urlaube 1: den Urlauben: accusative einen den Urlaub: die Urlaube: 1 Now uncommon, see notes Further reading Urlaub in Duden online; Retrieved
  • Urlaub in Polen - Wikipedia
    Urlaub in Polen was originally formed by Georg Brenner and Oli, but shortly after Oli quit the project in 2000, Georg Brenner joined forces with Jan Philipp Janzen comprising the current line-up
  • Sumisu - Wikipedia
    "Sumisu" is a song by Farin Urlaub It's the second single and third track from his debut album Endlich Urlaub! The song is a homage to the Smiths – according to the lyrics, Farin used to listen to them, when he was down
  • Urlaub auf Ehrenwort (1938 film) - Wikipedia
    Urlaub auf Ehrenwort (variously translated as Leave on Word of Honour, Holiday on Parole, Furlough on Parole, Leave on Parole and Pass on a Promise)
  • Mutterschaftsurlaub - Wiktionary
    Mutterschaftsurlaub Wikipedia de Etymology Mutterschaft (“ maternity ”) +‎ Urlaub

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